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Aggressive Defense In Federal Drug Crime Cases

It is a terrifying prospect to be facing criminal drug charges, even more so when the charges against you involve federal law. Drug activity can become a federal crime for a number of reasons, usually due to moving controlled substances across state lines. No matter the circumstances of your case, you need help from an experienced attorney.

Jeff Chabrowe is a former prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, who has handled federal criminal cases from both sides. At The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe, we are dedicated to serving clients who face severe charges, such as: conspiracy, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)-related offenses, drug trafficking and other narcotics offenses.

Many federal drug charges involve the use of wiretaps, which represents one of the most blatant forms of privacy invasion here in the United States. When wiretaps are involved, people may be recorded talking about drug transactions. In other situations, confidential sources may be involved. Confidential informants or undercover officers can be sent to recover drugs from the organization or people being charged. Regardless of the specifics of your situation, The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe will aggressively fight for your rights and help you understand your options for resolving the case.

Conspiracy And RICO Charges

Many federal drug crimes are prosecuted as conspiracies or under RICO. They are often charged together as part of a criminal drug organization. Conspiracy and RICO statutes are used very broadly by law enforcement to sweep up as many people as possible, in a meticulous effort to “clean up” entire organizations. This holds true even when the people who swept up have had limited involvement in the actual goings-on of the organization.

You may be charged as a co-conspirator even, for instance, if you only knew one or two out of 15 people in an organization. When you are charged this way, you can be held legally responsible for the actions of all the co-conspirators. This is why it is important to make it clear to a prosecutor that some people, yourself included, have had very limited involvement in the larger scheme of things.

What Makes A Drug Offense A Federal Crime?

Generally, state-level charges involve the possession of a controlled substance. The substance in question does not always matter; it could be marijuana, heroin or cocaine. What takes a charge to the higher level of a federal offense includes:

  • Moving narcotics across state lines
  • Using the U.S. Postal Service to transport controlled substances
  • The quantity of drugs involved
  • The size of the conspiracy

The sentences for federal crimes are significantly more serious than those for state crimes. An overwhelming majority of federal sentences involve a mandatory minimum amount of jail time. Consequently, you can receive a disproportionately harsh penalty despite the act that you are being accused of being relatively minor.

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