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Cyber Crimes Are The New Frontier

In today’s world, there are many ways that criminal offenses can include computers. The law is constantly changing, which can make facing such charges even more confusing and overwhelming. You need an attorney with the skill and experience to create a defense that works.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe, we serve our clients with thoughtful and strategic representation in cyber-related matters. With over 20 years of criminal law experience, we can help you defend your rights and your liberties in serious cases alleging cyber crimes.

We Can Help You Defend Against Serious Cyber Charges

We help clients with a wide variety of cybercrime charges, including those involving::

  • Computer tampering, in all four degrees. The fact that there are multiple degrees of this offense means that we may be able to get your charges reduced, leading to lighter penalties.
  • Computer trespassing. This can mean either the use of a computer itself or the access of a network in order to commit a crime. It can be combined with other charges. Because we offer experienced criminal defense strategies, we can defend you no matter what else your case entails.

These matters require experience and knowledge to handle successfully. Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe has years of experience resolving charges for cybercrimes for his clients. In fact, he previously worked as a Manhattan prosecutor, giving him unique insight into how the other side may approach your case.

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The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe can provide you with strong defense from a former Manhattan prosecutor. Let us help you build a defense strategy that leverages your position and produces results.

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