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Aggressive White Collar Crimes Defense

White-collar crime charges can destroy the career and professional reputation you have spent so many years building. Whether you have recently been charged, are being investigated or fear an investigation could cause you collateral damage, you should discuss your situation and what can be done to protect you with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands white-collar crime investigations and how to counter them.

Early Action Can Make A Substantial Difference

Because of the lengthy and complex nature of the investigations that white-collar crime charges are built on, people often know far in advance that they are being investigated. Even if you are not being investigated, you may be inadvertently swept up in an investigation that widens in scope. A recent expansion of what the government considers fraud with regard to securities, mortgages, or other loans has subjected more people to prosecution.

You can take advantage of knowing you are being investigated or that you may become a target of an investigation by beginning to build your defense now. Having more time to prepare allows us to create a stronger, more thoughtful defense. We may also be able to avoid any charges being filed at all by helping investigators see your lack of involvement in any criminal activities.

We defend people against all types of white-collar crime charges, including:

Skilled Defense From A Former Manhattan Prosecutor

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Chabrowe, our firm has the necessary experience with complex investigations to be able to attack the case against you and secure the best possible resolution. Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe has almost 20 years of criminal law experience that includes seven years as a prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Jeff’s experience on both sides of the courtroom allows him to see cases from a prosecutor’s perspective and to build defenses accordingly. Jeff also has a history of successfully managing high-profile cases. He understands how to effectively defend his clients as well as how to deal with press coverage.

Questions We See From Those Facing White-Collar Charges

Being charged with a serious crime spurs a slew of questions. At The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe, we’ve noticed trends in our white-collar criminal defense clients’ concerns. So, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we receive and have answered them below. We hope this information helps orient you as you navigate your criminal issue.

Who defends white-collar crime charges?

To fight a white-collar charge successfully, those facing them must work with criminal defense attorneys specializing in this area. Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe devotes a significant portion of his criminal defense practice to these cases. He worked as a prosecutor for years and now uses that experience to inform his strategies in court. Attorney Chabrowe loves complex challenges with severe penalties for the line.

What is a white-collar defendant?

White-collar defendants are usually people in positions of power with access to considerable financial resources. These are people like:

  • Business professionals
  • Politicians
  • Government officials
  • Bankers
  • Accountants

These people are called white-collar defendants because they are generally of a higher socioeconomic status and commit more sophisticated offenses than the average criminal.

What qualifies as a white-collar crime?

People usually commit white-collar crimes for financial gain. Examples of common offenses include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Bank fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Money laundering 

Financial crime garners severe penalties, often at the federal level.

What are the four elements of white-collar crime?

The critical elements of white-collar offenses are:

  • A person must demonstrate intent to perform illegal activity
  • They used deception in an attempt to conceal their illicit activity
  • They were aware that they were breaking the law
  • In the course of their unlawful conduct, they abused their position of power or the trust instilled in them

These four elements must be present to constitute a white-collar offense. Federal investigations seek to uncover sufficient evidence to prosecute these crimes.

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