Experience On Both Sides Of The Court Room

Examining All Avenues For Post-Conviction Relief

Losing a criminal case and suffering a conviction does not need to be the final resolution of your case. An effective appeals lawyer can review your case and find issues to present on appeal to help you secure relief, such as the dismissal of charges or the ordering of a new trial.

You deserve to have your rights fully protected. If there were issues at trial that should have been considered but were not, the legal system provides the opportunity to raise those issues through appeal.

Successfully mounting an appeal is different from defending against criminal charges. Your attorney needs to understand those differences. The procedures are different, the rules appellate courts operate under are different and what it takes to win is different. Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe has almost 20 years of criminal law experience. He can work to ensure that your rights are fully respected and help you secure the best possible outcome in state or federal appeals.

Were You The Victim Of Ineffective Counsel?

One of the most common issues as grounds for a successful appeal is asserting that you had ineffective assistance of counsel at trial by filing a §440.10 motion. We know how to clearly and persuasively show that your counsel at trial failed to provide effective representation in failing to adequately cross-examine witnesses or explore every possible defense.

Skilled Defense From A Former Manhattan Prosecutor

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Chabrowe, our firm has the extensive experience in both state and federal appellate courts to be able to help our clients make the most of their opportunities for post-conviction relief, including motions to vacate a judgment, withdraw a guilty plea or to set aside a verdict. We also have extensive experience in habeas corpus motions. Jeffrey Chabrowe began his career in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He uses the skills he learned there and in defending clients in the years since he left that office to provide the most effective appellate representation to his clients.

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