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Securities fraud is covered under 18 U.S.C. §1348 and applies to anyone who knowingly defrauds or tries to defraud someone via some type of scheme having to do with commodities and securities registered under Section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. If you have been accused of securities fraud and are found guilty, you could face fines, up to 25 years in prison or both. With the stakes so high, you should retain a New York securities fraud defense lawyer as soon as possible.

The Law Office Of Jeffrey Chabrowe – Skilled Securities Fraud Defense Lawyer In New York City

Whether you have been accused of securities fraud or you are an investor who thinks your broker may be taking certain liberties with your portfolio, you will need a securities fraud lawyer. If you are an investor, you have a few places to turn to, including an attorney, FINRA and the U.S. Code. FINRA — the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority — oversees brokerage firms and monitors the U.S. equities markets. They are private organizations that protect investors via technology and rules that govern the securities market.

Our white collar crimes defense attorney stands out, with a track record that includes numerous high-profile cases. In addition, attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe:

  • Has over 20 years of experience in criminal law
  • Understands both sides of the courtroom as a former Manhattan prosecutor
  • Will use his extensive knowledge to provide a defense for you based on case law, the U.S. Code and FINRA regulations

Legal Issues That You May Be Involved In

The legal issues you face in a securities fraud case depend on the role you play. If you are a broker, your firm may have been accused of reporting violations, financial fraud, aiding and abetting financial fraud, disclosure issues, using improper valuation methods, “cooking the books,” and insider information.

If you are an investor, you could be accused of fraud based on actions such as accounting fraud within your own company’s books or your individual account practices, creating a Ponzi scheme, misstating financial statements, or other actions and inactions that are fraudulent.

Other issues include:

  • High-yield investment fraud
  • Foreign currency fraud
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Embezzlement
  • Hedge fund fraud
  • Advanced fee schemes
  • Late day trading

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