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Felony Drug Charge Defense

Drug charges are often overcharged and even when they are not, the penalties are still severe. You may be facing years of prison for a crime you did not commit. You owe it to yourself and those who care about you to secure the strongest criminal defense you can.

We offer experienced defense against all state and federal drug charges from first-time offenses to A-I and A-II felonies that can carry decades of prison, including charges related to:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Prescription drugs
  • Heroin

Effective Defense Against Conspiracy Charges

Some of the most severe drug charges are conspiracy charges. If the government believes that you have played any role, no matter how minor, in the manufacture or distribution of drugs, you may be charged as part of a conspiracy. In a conspiracy, all parties are considered as having responsibility for all of the criminal acts allegedly carried out by the members of the conspiracy. These can be complex cases based on substantial investigations. Our experience allows us to pick apart the government’s case connecting you to a conspiracy.

Referrals From Satisfied Clients

Many of our new clients come to us from referrals from clients who we helped fight drug charges in the past. We can think of no higher endorsement of the work we do than that of a former client. We are proud that we have earned such high praise from people who know our work firsthand.

Skilled Defense From A Former Manhattan Prosecutor

At The Law Offices of Jeff Chabrowe, we make the most of all the different avenues for attacking drug charges, including examining all Fourth Amendment illegal search and seizure issues that could prevent the admission of drug evidence. Police too often search people for little or no reason at all, either on the street or in cars, in the hopes of finding drugs or weapons. Just because they find something doesn’t mean they had reason to search in the first place. The ends do not justify the means.

Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe offers his clients defense that is backed by almost 20 years of criminal law experience. Seven of those years were spent prosecuting cases at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Knowing how a prosecutor might approach your case can help him anticipate the issues and be prepared to win for you.

To learn more about Jeffrey Chabrowe’s success in dealing with high-profile cases, review our In the Press page.

Drug Programs/Diversion

In looking for ways to more effectively deal with the actual issues that underlie drug charges, the courts have more recently developed novel approaches where incarceration is replaced with a focus on the treatment of addiction. Drug courts can help offenders avoid prison in exchange for a commitment to follow the court’s recommendations regarding treatment.

Up until recently, drug programs were never available to those who had prior felonies and were facing new felony charges without the consent of the District Attorney’s Office. Now with judicial diversion, we can request that a judge sentence someone to drug treatment instead of jail over the objection of the District Attorney’s Office, based upon a record or history of drug use that we can provide.

Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Serving Manhattan And All Of The New York City Area

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