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Have You Been Charged With Identity Theft?

Prosecutors and the courts take identity theft charges seriously. They can be charged at the state or federal level. Federal identity theft charges carry a two-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Many of these cases can be broken down into individual or group conspiracy charges. Further, they can be broken down by what type of theft occurs. In some, personal information is used to create a credit card and clean out a person’s bank account. In others, a credit card is created using someone else’s information and is used to make numerous high-end purchases that are then resold to make money.

Have You Been Accused Of Being Part Of An Identity Theft Conspiracy?

Conspiracy charges are designed to capture all active participants of a criminal enterprise. Everyone who is part of the group, no matter how small their contribution, is considered to be as guilty as the main actors.

Often, prosecutors charge groups of people with identity theft as part of a conspiracy. Not every person who is charged with an identity theft conspiracy is necessarily an actual participant. People are sometimes unjustly caught up in the wide nets used to catch conspirators.

If you are facing identity theft conspiracy charges, we can build a strong defense that can separate you from the conspiracy and create positive results for you.

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At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Chabrowe, we provide our clients with the intelligent and aggressive defense they should have against identity theft charges. Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe is a former prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He understands how to build effective defenses against the potentially complex cases on which identity theft charges can be based. He has an extensive background with these types of cases and understands what evidence is necessary to overcome identity theft charges, including more complex federal charges.

Jeffrey Chabrowe has almost 20 years of criminal law experience. His years of defending clients combined with his understanding of how a prosecutor might approach your case allow him to build a defense that can anticipate issues and prepare to win.

To learn more about attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe’s record of success in high-profile cases, refer to our In the Press page.

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