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Strong Defense Against Homicide/Murder Charges

Homicide and murder cases tend to be highly charged cases that generate a lot of public attention. Prosecutors often feel pressured to ensure the defendant is found guilty on as many charges as possible. The minimum sentence on a murder is 15 years to life and prosecutors will often recommend a sentence of 20 years or more. Therefore, murder cases go to trial more often than any other criminal matter.

Defendants need a strong criminal defense attorney who works hard to stay one step ahead of prosecutors. They need the experience and skill of Jeffrey Chabrowe.

First-Degree Murders Vs. Second-Degree Murders

Homicide is a broad legal term that includes any instance of one person causing the death of another. New York law divides homicide charges into first-degree and second-degree murder. A first-degree murder charge involves premeditation and includes at least one of the following factors:

  • The defendant knew or should have reasonably known that the victim was a police officer, firefighter, paramedic or some other emergency response worker.
  • The intended victim was an employee at a state or local correctional facility.
  • The defendant was carrying out a murder-for-hire contract.
  • The murder was committed to prevent a witness from testifying.
  • The murdered victim was tortured or treated in an especially cruel way before being killed.

Second-degree murders occur when a defendant intentionally kills someone in a situation that does not qualify as first-degree murder. Common second-degree murder charges include:

  • Second-degree vehicular manslaughter – homicide caused by driving a car, truck or snowmobile while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Manslaughter in the second degree – homicide caused by consciously disregarding fatal risks to others while committing a reckless act
  • Felony murder – causing the death of an innocent person while committing a felony or fleeing from the scene of a felony

Several homicide charges can be filed as either first-degree or second-degree crimes based on whether the homicide was intentional or caused by reckless behavior. Both first-degree and second-degree murders are class A-1 felonies in New York, meaning a conviction could result in life in prison without parole. For second-degree murder convictions, life without parole is only sentenced in cases where the defendant is at least 18 years old and intentionally causes the death of a minor under the age of 14.

Battered Spouse Homicide

The law allows for special defenses when the accused is a victim of domestic violence. If you can prove that there is an established history of abuse of one spouse by another, the law allows a broader interpretation of self-defense.

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