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Protecting Your Future And Your Reputation Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges can upend your life immediately. Unlike most criminal charges where the penalties come after a trial and sentencing, domestic violence charges can impose severe consequences at the time of arrest. You may be forced from your home and be unable to return without police escort, among many other restrictions that you may face immediately.

People are often surprised to find that domestic violence charges result in “must arrest” scenarios and the imposition of a full order of protection that prohibits any contact between the two parties, even though one of the parties does not want to go forward with the case. In certain circumstances, a neighbor may hear a noisy argument between a couple and call the police on their own, resulting in an arrest and the imposition of an order of protection even though neither party ever felt threatened or wanted the police involved.

You need to act right away to defend yourself against domestic violence charges, which can damage your personal life and your reputation. Securing an effective defense is the only reasonable response.

Orders Of Protection

Once an order of protection is in place, you may be forced to live under extreme restrictions that can include:

  • No contact with your spouse/significant other through any means (including by phone, text, email, mail or social media)
  • None of the above contact allowed through third parties
  • No unsupervised contact with your children
  • No contact with people in jail or those on parole

What many people fail to realize is that any violation of an order of protection is another crime in and of itself. You can face additional criminal charges if you do not adhere to the conditions of the order. Even if your significant other repeatedly contacts you and asks you to respond, any response can get you arrested.

Many people think that the alleged victim of a domestic violence crime can just call the police or the district attorney’s office and “drop the charges.” That is a misconception. It is technically the decision of the state to bring charges against someone with the alleged victim as a witness, and often, the prosecution or a judge will refuse to dismiss a case or change the status of an order of prosecution just because the alleged victim asks that the charges be dropped.

Skilled Defense From A Former Manhattan Prosecutor

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Chabrowe, we are committed to helping our clients fight charges related to spousal abuse and other domestic violence situations. These charges and subsequent charges for violating an order of protection can easily create a downward spiral that will be difficult to escape without skilled help. Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe has almost 20 years of experience in the practice of criminal law. He is a former prosecutor from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He knows how to build strong cases for his clients and how to make sure their voices are heard when challenging domestic situations are being ruled on by the courts.

Jeffrey Chabrowe has a record of successfully defending high-profile cases. Review our In the Press page to learn more.

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