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Defending Individuals And Industry Entities Against Medicare/Medical Billing Fraud

If you have been accused of Medicare or medical billing fraud, whether you are a medical facility or an individual in New York City, you will need a seasoned health care defense attorney to represent you. Allegations you are facing might include ordering patient tests that are not necessary, overcharging or, if you are an individual, misrepresenting your salary or being involved in a fake accident.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe can represent you in these often complicated billing fraud matters. With over two decades of experience in white collar crime, our New York fraud defense lawyer will be able to get you through the process with the best possible outcome, based on your circumstances.

Legal Issues Involving Billing Fraud

Often, if you have been accused of Medicare or billing fraud, you may not even realize that fraudulent practices have happened. Even home health care businesses may be susceptible to possible fraud charges. Others may include dentists, doctors and psychologists. Fraud may be linked to:

  • Overbilling
  • Upcoding
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Submitting false invoices
  • Double billing
  • Violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

If you are not aware of any fraud, yet you have been accused, be sure to contact a New York Medicare fraud defense attorney as soon as possible. Billing and coding systems could often have confusing instructions, which present as fraud if those instructions are not well-understood by the doctor or the staff.

Medicare Fraud Accusations

For a Medicare fraud accusation to “stick,” you have to have knowingly submitted a false claim or made a false representation to receive federal payments that you would not have been otherwise entitled to. Additional issues may include:

  • Inducing or paying off others for referrals for services and items
  • Wrongly referring patients for services that they do not need
  • Billing for appointments that were not kept
  • Billing for services that are more complex than the patient needs
  • Billing for services or items that were not actually provided to a patient
  • Other billing and referral issues

If you have been accused of these or other issues and you did not knowingly bill wrongly or wrongly refer patients, our Medicare fraud defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the matter. It is pertinent that you retain an attorney who is familiar with medical billing, as these accusations could lead to severe penalties.

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