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What You Need To Know About Desk Appearance Tickets

Getting arrested can be scary and embarrassing. No one likes the idea of being handcuffed, brought into the police station and possibly asked to spend the night in jail awaiting arraignment. In New York, there is an alternative to this traditional arrest method known as a “desk appearance ticket.” If you’ve been issued a DAT, this page will provide some helpful information on what to expect and what you may want to do next.

Is A Desk Appearance Ticket Serious?

From a legal standpoint, a desk appearance ticket is the same thing as a handcuffed arrest. You still need to appear on time/place/date listed on your DAT, and that is your arraignment. Unlike traditional arrest, during which you are held while paperwork is prepared, the processing work for a DAT happens before you are physically in custody. After the arraignment, the rest of the criminal process plays out in the same way as it would with a handcuffed arrest.

More Than A Summons

The concept of a DAT seems similar to a traffic ticket or summons. But a desk appearance ticket is not actually a “ticket.” Instead, in many cases, it is written for a misdemeanor offense (a crime typically punishable by up to a year in jail) to individuals without a criminal record. In rare cases, DATs can be issued for violations (acts that are less than a crime) or for a certain class of felony offense, but they are most often associated with misdemeanors.

Be Ready – Find An Experienced Attorney

A desk appearance ticket is an arrest, meaning that you have been accused of a crime. When you appear in court, you will be arraigned and asked to plead guilty or not guilty. Therefore, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as reasonably possible.

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