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The Complex Defense Of Gambling Enterprise Corruption

While gambling used to be illegal in the United States, gradually, individual states have been making certain allowances. Gambling and gaming laws are different for every state. Because gambling has become more accepted, the government is trying to dissuade the practice by going after quasi-legal things such as software legally created by developers for online and offshore gambling. This area of white collar crime is complex to say the least.

Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe has over 20 years of criminal law experience. He can help clients who have been accused of illegal gambling and enterprise corruption in New York. He will use his experience as both a white collar crimes defense lawyer and a former Manhattan prosecutor to fiercely defend you.

Gambling Accusations

As gambling gradually becomes more legal in many states, the line between legal and illegal gambling has become increasingly blurred. Law enforcement, whether state or federal, is making a big effort to prosecute gambling it sees as illegal in an effort to get as much money in forfeitures as it can before taxing the same entities once gambling becomes completely legal.

Now that offshore gambling companies in places like Costa Rica take bets on sports, law enforcement is increasingly going after people in the United States who facilitate taking those bets, whether it be those who physically distribute the proceeds or those who act as middlemen in “wire rooms,” placing bets. Jeff recently represented a client who made computer software used by several offshore gambling companies, alleging that those who made the software should have known that bets were placed in the United States. After years of litigation and one mistrial, the Manhattan District Attorney eventually dismissed all felony counts against the three defendants.

Gambling charges often include enterprise corruption charges and allege connections with organized crime as prosecutors seek to exploit antiquated views of illegal gambling. Most often now, gambling charges are an attempt by the government to seize money through forfeiture. Jeff Chabrowe can stop the government from over-reaching on gambling prosecutions and protect your right to conduct what are often legal gambling activities.

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