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Have You Been Charged With DWI?

DWI charges can happen to anyone. For most people, a DWI is the most serious criminal charge they will ever face. Most people are unsure what to do next. They may feel that there is no sense spending money defending themselves against DWI charges because they think that once the state has a BAC (blood alcohol content) reading over the legal limit, then there is no way to beat the case.

That is not the case. There are many ways to successfully defend against DWI charges, including questioning:

  • Was there probable cause to stop you?
  • Was the Breathalyzer functioning properly?
  • Was the officer properly trained in conducting roadside sobriety tests?

There are many other ways to successfully defend against DWI charges. We encourage you to come in and discuss your case with attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe.

Driver’s License Defense

DWI in New York involves more than just facing criminal charges. Your driver’s license will be suspended through an administrative process that is separate from the criminal proceedings. You need to begin taking action quickly to preserve your driving privileges. The administrative process runs on a different calendar and it is easy to miss crucial dates if you do not act quickly.

DWI And Car Forfeiture

One of the most shocking aspects of being charged with a DWI in New York City is the fact that the police can take your car. To secure the return of your car, you may need to pay impound and towing fees. However, the city does not have to turn your car back over to you just because you request it. Under the forfeiture laws, they can decide to keep it. Your only option then is to fight the forfeiture action. In New York City, you should always be able to get your car back for a first-time DWI charge.

We can help you fight for the return of your car in addition to defending you against drunk driving charges.

Skilled Defense From A Former Manhattan Prosecutor

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Chabrowe, we help our clients with all aspects of their DWIs. We offer highly effective defense against criminal charges, we defend people’s driver’s licenses against suspensions, and we can help recover your car if the city has taken it. Attorney
Jeffrey Chabrowe is a former prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He has almost 20 years of criminal law experience that he uses to help his clients secure the best possible results.

Jeffrey Chabrowe has generated positive outcomes in many high-profile cases. Review our
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